Saturday, 16 April 2011

Fantasy Outfit for Baby Boy's First Birthday

In honour of Baby Boy being a year old and to distract myself from the memories of the horrors of childbirth, I am fantasising about the ideal outfit for his birthday party this afternoon. This sartorial dream is necessary, because the realities of parenting mean that I have only just thought about wearing something lovely, as all my efforts have gone into cake making and instructing OH on why cut up bits of sausages are not a respectable offering at a party. Also, my wardrobe has been behaving very badly recently and I am convinced that all my best outfits are being hidden away in the style equivalent of Narnia. To recover these clothes would involve several days journey time on a sleigh to reach them and the only things in the front of my wardrobe, are the aesthetic equivalent of Miss Marple.

Therefore, after much day dreaming and web-adventuring I have decided that my ideal outfit would be colourful (so BB will like it), whimsical (so the mood is fun), comfortable (will need to crawl around on floor with BB) and washable at 40 degrees (no silks or satins).

I have decided therefore, that I could be children's party appropriate try and stylishly channel a clown and tick all the boxes, if I wore this jumpsuit  by and a pair of  Peter Jensen wedges, above, available at (like stilts you see, but super comfortable). I favour the culotte style, as I have short legs and never have time to get trousers taken up and although the colour blocking of the wedges might be taking it a step too far (brown leather wedges would look fine), they are beautiful!

(In reality, I will probably be referencing my inner clown by wearing peg leg jeans and smudgy make up from being cuddled by my cakey, sticky son. Love him!)

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