Monday, 18 April 2011

Bicycle Belles

The return of the trouser has been a welcome resurrection for those of us who favour the bicycle as a means of transport and for whom, thoughts of lycra and neon turn the stomach. However, interestingly, it is those that reference the belle on the bike as a source of inspiration, who seem to miss the mark the most, as to what is truly practical while whizzing along the road. I can only assume that male fashion designers aren't aware (or more likely are repulsed by the idea) that a) women sweat b) bike chains accumulate black grease c) wheels have spokes on them that don't mix well with flowing fabric and d) when you are on a bike, sometimes it rains. I know that fashion is about aspiration and luxury and therefore we should all aspire not to sweat and/or have armpit botox but I am still pretty certain that those who can afford to make a deal with the devil and ensure fair weather cycling in satin heels at all times, still wouldn't wantonly wear the below on a bike:

3.1 Philip Lim A/W '11
3.1 Philip Lim A/W '11
The 3.1 Philip Lim collection was inspired by sexy women who turn up at cocktail parties on bikes. I think that Philip Lim has never ridden a bicycle and might be confusing one with a Hummer Limo. Imagine the first dress, with two massive sweats stains and little ribbony bits where the fabric has got caught in the pedals and spokes. The second should be envisioned with a line of mud up the back from rain flicking up the wheel onto your bottom, (or dust, or pigeon poop, or paint, or beer). Also the snowiness of the white dress is an invitation for a bored child to throw their Creme Egg Mcflurry at you while you wait at traffic lights. I love both but I feel as if the designer was having a little smirk to himself in a room somewhere while he came up with his tag line?

I picked some more practical but still stylish options to inspire all you other bicycle loving clothes obsessives out there...
Basso and Brooke A/W '11- imagine this capaciously armed coat flapping in the wind, the pattern and colour means it would hide a multitude of spatters!

Holly Fulton A/W 'll- again, the cut of this coat and the fact it is tweed, which is brilliantly hardy, make it practical, while the colours are playful. The spikes on the trousers tell potential junk food assailants to 'f*ck off I'm a bit mad'

 Bodkin A/W 'll, these are the sensible options- trim trousers on an airy jumpsuit to avoid moving parts and granny shorts for modesty on the move

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