Sunday, 26 December 2010

Work Style and Work Shy

Sorry about my lack of writing over the last few weeks, as usual I have been getting far too excited and distracted about the upcoming festivities and potential splurging to write anything. No, not Christmas silly. The January Sales! I have been 'saving for later' peg-leg trousers and pure white shirts on and bookmarking charcoal grey coats on Whistles, H & M and Mango, hoping and wishing that they will go into the sale.

I have to return to work on the 4 January and I might as well face the realities of the office in style. If dressed cunningly I may be able to con my colleagues into believing that I am a reformed apatheticicist and am willing to scale the corporate ladder over communal kitkats and crappy instant coffee. Even if my mouth betrays my shiny new shoes and I blurt out 'I hate you, I hate you, you blood sucking cretins' in the middle of a meeting, I am sure that my choices in tailoring and sharp lines will bely my female hysteria and they will think that they imagined it. By channelling Ms K Hepburn, I will at least have some sartorial satisfaction while hiding in the stationery cupboard. For now, back to blouse browsing and less bureau bitching...

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Winter in disguise

I am much better at dressing in the winter than I am in the summer. I hate getting my bare legs out, am naturally pale and do not relish the prospect off wearing skirts or shorts on hot days. Winter is perfect for me, as it provides the opportunity to wear cosy knits, cute hats, black tights or leggings and stomping boots. Black eyeliner never looks out of place on a winter's day and a chunky scarf, or heavy pashmina are just the ticket for pulling messy hair back in a wild and appropriate way. I much prefer arriving somewhere and taking off layer after layer until I am exactly the right temperature, than sitting somewhere in the summer sweating in one item of clothing and wishing I could take that off and sit in an ice bath.

The winter season is also an excuse to dress in disguise. You can disguise those lumpy bits, disguise those hairy legs and pits, wear something more flamboyant (like a bobble hat, or fake fur coat) without feeling like an arse, because it is weather appropriate. You can bundle up to the eyes and lurk glamourously like an undercover spy in Russia, or throw on an aviator jacket or cape and feel like an adventuress, even when popping to the local shop. In the summer over-accessorising makes you a fashion victim, in the winter you can wear fun mittens, a muff (haha), a hat, a scarf, a bag, goloshes (on my to do list), all the usual jewellery as well as a coat, a cardi etc. More items of clothing, means more opportunity for experimentation and more fun!

The only problem is, when there is six inches of snow outside and you have nowhere to go, you might as well be in your birthday suit...still, will look good when skype with hubbie later :)