Monday, 20 September 2010

Vacation vacillation

Have to admit, no time whatsoever was spent thinking about the move to Berlin while on holiday, although Greek Island fun, with cheap food, beautiful scenery and beer definitely highlighted why London is not value for money. However some regrets about my wardrobe while away- I am still not managing to dress to my new post-baby figure and in hot weather need to reassess. 

My ideal wardrobe for this holiday would have been provided by PPQ. As although I am not usually a huge fan, the shapes in S/S '11 were ideal for some tummy coverage and accentuating new curves- although in complete conflict with my new minimal ideal. 
Great for those with breasts
Even better for those with breasts and no hips!

High-waisted tummy coverage and hip enhancement
All above photos are credited to 

Here are a couple of photos of my baby boy enjoying his holiday, relying on innate cuteness and not giving  a damn about what to wear.

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