Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Uncommon Matters- Effortless jewellery from a German designer

I am not big on wearing lots of accessories. Shoes I love and a couple of good leather bags and belts are invaluable but when it comes to jewellery more often than not, I will remove all of it last minute from an ensemble, as I am about to leave the house. I always find that it seems to distract and detract, rather than compliment and my carelessness means that much of my jewellery ends up on the pavement, in pub corners and on cloakroom floors anyway (as a mother, earrings and necklaces are a bit of a hazard, to me and not the baby). I was delighted however in my search for Berlin style, to come across the collection Uncommon Matters, by Amelia Rich, a Berlin and Paris based designer who makes her pieces from porcelain. Her designs are outside of trend, statement pieces and the strong but elegant forms of the pieces bely their fragility (while being hard to lose).  The collars in particular, really enliven a simple white t-shirt or black camisole therefore providing more options for a stream-lined wardrobe.

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