Monday, 27 September 2010

Top 100 Men's Haircuts: From the Silver Screen to East London's Streets

 After spotting a person of dubious taste sporting a plantagenet* haircut outside the Prince George last night (after hoping that the style was back in history where it belongs), it set me to thinking where the young men of E8, really got their hairstyle inspirations from. After all, Blackadder 1st and Fido Dido aren't the only hair style icons of today. Fortunately I haven't had to carry out any extensive research at all, as Vogue Paris has conveniently tweeted this GQ France online article, which purportedly shows the top 100 most stylish haircuts from cinema. I have picked a few that have clearly influenced the follicly fresh young men who hang about in Hackney (my baby' hair is already taking on disturbing Hackney hair elements- shorter at the sides, longer on the top and a 1930's parting).

*The House of Plantagenet (pronounced /plænˈtædʒɨnɨt/), a branch of the Angevins, was a royal house founded by Geoffrey V of Anjou, father of Henry II of England. Plantagenet kings first ruled the Kingdom of England in the 12th century.

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